The River is flowing
Flowing and growing
The River is flowing
Down to the sea

The Connecticut River between Vermont and New Hampshire does not seem to have much flow these days. The frigid temperatures have locked her surface waters into a standstill. During the January thaw on the White River (a tributary of the Connecticut), huge, jagged blocks of ice melted loose and were carried downriver, eventually marooning at narrow banks and bridge trestles. When temperatures dipped again, the river north of the Wilder Dam transformed into a 17-mile ice-skating rink, smooth as glass. With the snows last week, the river has nearly disappeared under the world’s white blanket.

By all surface appearances, the river is no longer flowing. During these cold winter months, the river is as still as a meadow. Yet the River is still flowing. Beneath the surface, her steady, faithful current is carrying her waters to the ocean.

As we witnessed over and over again on the Connecticut River Pilgrimage in 2017, God’s loving presence is mirrored beautifully in the dynamic, flowing, and free water. Yet again, in these frozen months, the river speaks to those who are listening. Regardless of how still, how cold, and how harsh our lives may seem on the surface, God’s ever-loving presence is flowing free. It may feel a lot less accessible some days than others, but the Spirit is no less real and no less present today than any other day.

As we enter into this Lenten season, we at Kairos Earth invite you to journey with us for forty days of prayer with the River of Life Prayer Book from the Connecticut River Pilgrimage 2017. We invite you to return with us to the river, to hear what she whispers about the nature of God and how she invites us to open to the ever-flowing stream of God’s presence. We invite you with the deep conviction that the joy, freedom, and abundance of God’s presence is flowing as faithfully now as it always has.

In addition to praying along with you every morning and evening, we will be posting weekly reflections on the Kairos Earth blog that will help you integrate the readings into this darker, colder season. (If you do not have a River of Life Prayer Book, you can download an online version here). If you’d like to print out the one-page document that aligns the River of Life Prayer Book entries with the days of Lent, click here.

May this Lenten season prepare our hearts to receive the gift of new life that is always just below the surface. Join us.

~ Written by Lisa Hershey Kutolowski ~

Lisa, a co-guide on the River of Life: Connecticut River Pilgrimage 2017, lives, writes, works, and prays on a Vermont homestead with her husband, Mark. She writes regularly about their life, nature, yurts, spirituality, porcupines, and homesteading – read more here. Learn more about Lisa and Mark’s shared work and ministry at Metanoia of Vermont.